Today's poem is "White"

from Burnside Review

Jessica Johnson has new work forthcoming in Prairie Schooner and The Paris Review.

Other poems by Jessica Johnson in Verse Daily:
October 18, 2005:   "Soloists" " The dog blunders along the field's edge..."

About Burnside Review:
Poets in this issue: Richard Jones, Laton Carter, Jessica Johnson, David Dodd Lee, Ray Gonzalez, Jenny Browne, Grzegorz Wroblewski, Alison Pelegrin, Paul Shepherd, Collier Nogues, Zed Schild, Marc Pietrzykowski, Lee Newton, Kate Nuernberger, Ed Galing, Zach Savich, Virginia Mix, Linda Bierds, Peter Jay Shippy, Jude Goodwin, Christopher Burawa, William Doreski, Richard Robbins, Mike Dockins, Linda Taylor, D.J. Christenson, John Surowiecki

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Burnside Review * P.O. Box 1782 * Portland OR 97207
Editor: Sid Miller

Other poems from Burnside Review in Verse Daily:
April 3, 2007:   "The Strange Girl Asked Politely to be Called Princess" by Kate Nuernberger

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