Today's poem is "Allegory"
from Bonneville

Elixir Press

Jenny Mueller grew up among small towns north of Chicago—now a series of corporate parks and malls. She studied at the University of Chicago (M.A.), at the University of Iowa's Writers' Workshop (M.F.A.) and at the University of Utah (Ph.D.). Currently she is back in the Midwest, teaching at McKendree College in Illinois and living near St. Louis with her husband, Brian Young.

Books by Jenny Mueller: Bonneville

Other poems on the web by Jenny Mueller:
"Love Poem"

About Bonneville:

"As Pound avowed in the nightmare of Pisa, 'nothing matters but the quality of the affection.' Now, from the reaches of our common nightmare as well as from the tender landscapes of our common lives, Jenny Mueller avows as much, and she keeps her vow. Nowhere in contemporary American writing is there a poet so quietly, so fiercely determined to keep faith with her affections and her vision. And keep it she does. Bonneville is a new American testament and will surely be received as such."
—Donald Revell

"Jenny Mueller's poems are whip-smart, verbally and imagistically agile, deeply cynical and profoundly romantic, experimental and traditional, all at once. Lanscapes—urban, suburban, mostly Midwestern and Western, mental as well—pervade them. Those landscapes are full of things, and all of those things lie: 'The greatest drag show / is earth, preening here.' Kurt Cobain and Tonio Kröger make promises they won't keep, while may apples busily become mirages. Perhaps that's why these poems are so jittery and restless, always 'looking for something / secret, something / original.' That secret, original thing is what we find in them, exactly what was sought, and more."
—Reginald Shepherd

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