Today's poem is "Last Speaker of Alaska's Eyak Language Turns 81"
from Mauled Illusionist

Orchises Press

Jean Monahan lives in Salem, Massachusetts, with her daughter. This is her third book.

Books by Jean Monahan: Mauled Illusionist, Believe It or Not, Hands

Other poems on the web by Jean Monahan:
"Learning a Dead Language"
Two poems
Two poems

Jean Monahan's Home Page.

Jean Monahan's Blog.

About Mauled Illusionist:

"Mauled Illusionist embodies the Renga poets' ideal of 'the tension between glittering surface and depth.' Monahan's eye is fearless, wildly playful and inventive, but the questions that prompt her are bedrock: how do we survive each other, how do we survive ourselves?"
—D. Nurkse

"Flashes of wisdom and candor pierce the fretwork design of Jean Monahan's spare, beautiful poems. Mauled Illusionist is eloquent, lyrical, clear-eyed, and tender."
—Molly Peacock

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