Today's poem is "Counting Sheep"
from Keeping the Tigers Behind Us

Elixir Press

Glenn J. Freeman grew up in Maryland and has lived in Vermont, Minnesota, and Florida. He has received degrees from Goddard College, Vermont College, and the University of Florida. His poems have been published in journals such as Poetry, The Cimarron Review, The Lullwater Review, and Talking River Review. He now lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa with his wife and two cats and teaches at Cornell College.

About Keeping the Tigers Behind Us:

"Freeman fuses culture with Chinese philosophy, sophisticated poetic techniques and a thorough knowledge of craft with street savvy rhythms and idiomatic expressions in a masterful way. Here, at last, is a poet unafraid to write poems that are actually about something."
—Jim Mcgarrah

"I've always thought that poetry — or at least the poetry I treasure — is somehow bound up with human maturity. For a long time, I've observed Glenn Freeman's patience and his steady growth as a writer. Thus in Keeping the Tigers Behind Us, I'm gratified but unsurprised to discover just that maturity, so uncommon in a first book of any. Look for the wit, the intelligence, the craft, the insouciant melancholy, and above all the humaneness here; look for the poems of a genuine grownup."
—Sydney Lea

"These beautiful poems exist between fact and meaning, in the world of metaphor and relation—but they do not exist in uncertainty. They are the poems of a mature, acutely perceptive sensibility engaged with the everyday realities of our lives, but sure in their knowledge that our lives are always more than their surfaces. Will telling us his story, Freeman asks in 'Ode to Impermanence,' make him any more real? The answer is yes. And that goes for his readers, too."
—Mark Cox

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