Today's poem is "[Accoutred as I was plungèd in]"

from The Laurel Review

Emily Rosko is the author of Raw Goods Inventory (University of Iowa Press, 2006).

All the poems by Emily Rosko that have appeared on Verse Daily:
December 20, 2004:  "Elephant" "Nickel-gray or computer..."
March 8, 2003:  "Even Before Your Elbow Knocked Over The Glass" "First, there were the broken pieces..."

Books by Emily Rosko: Raw Goods Inventory

Other poems on the web by Emily Rosko:
Three poems
"Four poems"

About The Laurel Review:

The Laurel Review * GreenTower Press * Department of English * Northwest Missouri State University * 800 University Drive * Maryville, MO 64468
Co-Editor: Rebecca Aronson, John Gallaher

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