Today's poem is "Drinking Alone on a Spring Day"

from Alligator Juniper

Elton Glaser edits the Akron Series in Poetry for the University of Akron Press. The most recent books of his six books of poems are Pelican Tracks and Here and Hereafter.

All the poems by Elton Glaser that have appeared on Verse Daily:
July 9, 2006:   "Last Days of the Surreal" " Inside the open cages, only dead canaries sing..."
August 15, 2005:   "Low and Delicious "This morning, even the roses look morose..."
August 1, 2005:   "Half-Numb from Winter, on a Morning Almost Warm "Go for wisdom to the iris, beard..."
March 31, 2004:  "Interior Lighting" "In leaps and staggers, in the beaten-down..."
July 22, 2003:  "The Runes, the Brute Remedies" "Leaves down, and day down, and mercury..."
July 27, 2002:  "Heroic Roses" "Heroic they'd have to be, the way / I let them struggle...."

Books by Elton Glaser: Here And Hereafter, Pelican Tracks, Winter Amnesties, Tropical Depressions, Relics, Peripheral vision

Other poems on the web by Elton Glaser:
"Meditation in Blue and White"
Five poems
Three poems

About Alligator Juniper:
Poets in this issue: Mathew Spireng, Kristen Hoggatt, Iris Marble Cushing, Elton Glaser, Benny Bennett, Ellis Loth

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Editors: Sheila Sanderson

Other poems from Alligator Juniper in Verse Daily:
August 6, 2006:   "'Tis Often Thus with Spirits" by Sally Ball
August 5, 2006:   "At the Fish Hatchery" by Claire Whitenack

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