Today's poem is "Trial Marriage"

from Poetry London

D Nurkse is the author of nine collections of poetry. The most recent Fall (Knopf, 2002) and Burnt Island (Knopf, 2005). A new collection, The Border Kingdom, is forthcoming. He received a Guggenheim Fellowship this year.

All the poems by D Nurkse that have appeared on Verse Daily:
May 20, 2005:  "Pas De L'Incise" ""We came down from the little mountains..."

Books by D Nurkse: Burnt Island, The Fall, Shadow Wars, Leaving Xaia, The Rules of Paradise, Voices Over Water

Other poems on the web by D Nurkse:
"Four poems"
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Four poems
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"My Father's Closet"
"A Stoop in South Brooklyn"
"A Child in Brooklyn"

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December 27, 2006:   "Medium as Meteorologist" by Heather McHugh
September 25, 2006:   "Cat Nap" by Asa Boxer

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