Today's poem is "Not Mattering to the Earth"

from the Southern Review

Colette Inez is the author of nine books of poetry, most recently Spinoza Doesn't Come Here Anymore (2004). The University of Wisconsin Press brought out her memoir The Secret of M. Dulong (2005). Twice her work has been included in a Pushcart collection. Formerly a visiting professor at Cornell, Ohio, Bucknell, and Colgate Universities, she teaches in Columbia University's Undergraduate Writing Program.

All the poems by Colette Inez that have appeared on Verse Daily:
October 8, 2002:  "Hybrid Song" "Child of mother fish, / child of father oak..."

Books by Colette Inez: The Secret of M. Dulong: A Memoir, Spinoza Doesn't Come Here Anymore, Getting Under Way: New & Selected Poems, Alive and Taking Names, and Other Poems, The Woman Who Loved Worms, Clemency, Family Life,

Other poems on the web by Colette Inez:
"At My Father's Grave I Remember T'ang Dynasty Calligraphies"
"Visible Masses of Condensed Vapor Song, Scotland"
"Winter Thoughts"
"My Priest Father's"
"Reflections of the Lady Ch'ang"
"Michigan August"
"Route One's Purgatory in New Jersey"
"Monika and the Owl"
"Midwest Albas"
"Naming the Moons"
"Daughter's Photo in an Old Folks' Home"
"Last Visit, Elizabeth"
"My Priest Father's Words"

About the Southern Review:
Poets in this issue: Gilbert Allen, Katherine Lucas Anderson, David Baker, Margo Berdeshevsky, Derick Burleson, Wyn Cooper, Lynn Domina, Patricia Hooper, Colette Inez, Nick Lantz, Daniel Lusk, Dana Roeser, Jay Rogoff, Maurya Simon, Allison Smythe, Katherine Soniat, Sarah Pemberton Strong

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Other poems from the Southern Review in Verse Daily:

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Other from the Southern Review in Verse Daily:
June 5, 2007:   "Something in My Eye" by Allison Smythe
February 9, 2007:   "Mysterious Ways" by Alison Pelegrin
September 15, 2006:   "God of The" by Garrett Doherty
September 14, 2006:   "One Morning a Rose Blooms" by Richard Tillinghast
September 13, 2006:   "Aubade" by Rhoda Janzen
June 22, 2006:   "Trouble." by Melissa Stein
June 19, 2006:   "Love of Sport" by Bob Hicok
January 19, 2006:   "Key to Pronunciation: /sälm/" by Rita Mae Reese
January 17, 2006:   "Leaving the Land" by Stephen C. Behrendt
January 16, 2006:   "The Clown's Mother" by Brent Pallas
November 25, 2004:  "Founder's day" by Bob Hicok
November 24, 2004:  "In Thrush Light" by Gyorgyi Voros
November 23, 2004:  "To Acedia" by Daniel Tobin
November 22, 2004:  "Close Quarters" by Cathryn Essinger
September 25, 2004:  "Dry Brush Painting of Winter Crows" by Barry Sternlieb
September 23, 2004:  "James McNeill Whistler at St. Ives, 1883" by Floyd Skloot
September 22, 2004:  "Keep and Give Away" by Susan Meyers
September 21, 2004:  "The Wife of Job" by Morri Creech
September 20, 2004:  "Indian River Inlet" by Fleda Brown
March 10, 2004:  "See! I Will Not Forget You. I Have Carved You on the Palm of My Hand." by Thomas Reiter
March 9, 2004:  "Mary Rockwell Talks to Her Son in the Hospital after He's Been Stabbed During a Fencing Lesson" by Julianna Baggott
August 20, 2003:  "Water Rising" by Fleda Brown
August 19, 2003:  "Neither the Season, nor the Place" by Susan Meyers
August 18, 2003:  "Revival" by Lynn Powell
June 7, 2003:  "The Reliquary" by Ann Townsend
June 5, 2003:  "Hieronymus and the Lion" by Maurya Simon
June 3, 2003:  "Pink Salmon" by Cecily Parks
May 1, 2003:  "Heron" by John Drury
April 29, 2003:  "For the Fog Horn When There Is No Fog" by Sarah Hannah
December 30, 2002:  "Brains" by Rodney Jones
December 16, 2002:  Heaven by Natasha Saje
September 9, 2002:  "My Emotions Are Like Fish" by John Brehm

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