Today's poem is "Take One"

from Brooklyn Review

Clay Matthews has published in Black Warrior Review, Agni-Online, The Laurel Review, LIT, H_NGM_N, Gulf Coast, Forklift, Ohio, and elsewhere. His chapbook, Muffler, was published by H_NGM_N B__KS in early 2006, and a new chapbook, Western Reruns is forthcoming from End & Shelf Books.

All the poems by Clay Matthews that have appeared on Verse Daily:
March 22, 2006:   "Poem For The Twenty-First Century Gatekeeper" " Thirty days in the hole and when my body proceeded..."

Other poems on the web by Clay Matthews:
"A Revenge For Grace"
Two poems
"Self-Help for the Lost and Found"
Two poems
Two poems
"Poem with the Machine That Will End Your Life"
Two poems
"Ode on a Lower-Midwestern Storm System"
"Tunes from a Washboard"
"Where a Poem Meets Its Maker"
"This is the Steeple"
"Self-Portrait in a Chewing Gum Wrapper"
"Charred Face of the Gone"

Clay Matthews's Home Page.

About Brooklyn Review:

Brooklyn Review * English Department * Brooklyn College * 2900 Bedford Avenue * Brooklyn, NY 11210
Poetry Editor: Sean Garritty

All the poems from Brooklyn Review that have appeared on Verse Daily:
August 25, 2007:   "Babylon Honda" by Joe Robitaille
August 20, 2007:   "Three's Brainchild Is" by Lesley Jenike

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