Today's poem is "Corn Maze Afternoon"
from Psalm

Tupelo Press

Carol Ann Davis was awarded the W. K. Rose Fellowship at Vassar College, and earned her MFA Poetry at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She directs the undergraduate creative writing program at the College of Charleston, where she is Associate Professor and edits the noted literary journal Crazyhorse. She recently won an NEA individual artistís grant in poetry.

Books by Carol Ann Davis: Psalm

Other poems on the web by Carol Ann Davis:
"At Cadoin with Willem at Three"

About Psalm:

"Carol Ann Davis's poems are so precise they are almost hallucinatory. And in some poems she sets hallucination free. The precision is true, creating a marvelously jarring effect. She is always studying reality, with a microscope that creates sure distortions. There is a sad pageant going on in these poems, one that breaks your heart. And then gives you your life back all over again."
—James Tate

"There is a particular quality of quietude and stillness that suffuses these painterly poems of Carol Ann Davis, so involved with loss, motherhood and the shifting tonalities of light that transform the domestic and ordinary into the strange and extraordinary that, combined with tenderness of address, approach the worshipful and make a number of these poems so moving and distinctive."
—August Kleinzahler

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