Today's poem is "Reciprocity"

from Cave Wall

Carl Phillips is the author of nine books of poems, most recently Quiver of Arrows: Selected Poems 1986-2006.

Other poems by Carl Phillips in Verse Daily:
July 18, 2002:  "Minotaur" "What stalked the room was never envy...."

Books by Carl Phillips: Quiver of Arrows, Riding Westward, The Rest of Love, Cortege, The Tether, Pastoral, From the Devotions, In The Blood, Rock Harbor

Other poems on the web by Carl Phillips:
Four poems
"A Touring Man Loses His Way"
Five poems
"Close Your Eyes"
"Riding Westward"
"This Train"
"The Deposition"
"Like Cuttings for a Wreath of Praise and Ransom"

Carl Phillips according to Wikipedia.

About Cave Wall:
Poets in this issue: Jeffrey Harrison, Patrick Phillips, Sarah Lindsay, Elizabeth Hadaway, Julianna Baggott, Stuart Dischell, Roger Weingarten, David Rivard, Angie Decola, Alison Pelegrin, Stephen Frech, Carl Phillips

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Other poems from Cave Wall in Verse Daily:
August 27, 2007:   "The Very Old Man" by Patrick Phillips
February 18, 2007:   "After the Affair" by Claudia Emerson
February 15, 2007:   "Surprising the Gods" by Dan Albergotti

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