Today's poem is "Spring Comes to the Mistress of the Obvious"

from The Seattle Review

B.T. Shaw lives in Portland, Oregon where she edits a Poetry column for The Oregonian and teaches at Portland State University. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in journals such as Field, Orion, and Tin House.

Other poems on the web by B.T. Shaw:
Two poems
"Galileo in Florence"
"One More Name You Won’t Associate With Water"

About The Seattle Review:
Poets in this issue: Philip Levine, Nick Twemlow, B.T. Shaw, H.E. Sayeh, Forest Hamer, Jay Hopler, Susan Parr, Mark Doty, Corey Marks, Robyn Schiff, Richard Howard, Rick Barot, James Hoch, Brian Teare, Oliver Rice, Brian Lennon, B.T. Shaw, Joshua Marie Wilkinson, Eunsong Kim, Simon Perchik

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Editor-in-Chief: Andrew Feld

All the poems from the Seattle Review that have appeared on Verse Daily:
September 21, 2007:   "My Snake" by David Wagoner

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