Today's poem is "Starts Out a Mouse"
from Each Place the Body’s

Ghost Road Press

Aaron Anstett’s other collections are Sustenance (1998 Colorado Book Award Finalist) and No Accident (winner of the 2006 Nebraska Book Award and the Balcones Poetry Prize). He lives in southern Colorado.

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Books by Aaron Anstett: Each Place the Body's, No Accident, Sustenance

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Four poems
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About Each Place the Body’s:

"Aaron Anstett has a unique talent for dislocating language into meaning, and he accomplishes this most often through the body’s exhaustive task of fl esh, though ‘beyond its umpteen miseries, / enduring uproar in our skins so keen / it cannot be rendered, what we a capella say / all vowel and glottal stop.’ His raised voice is far-reaching and memorable."
—Mark Irwin

"Like a court jester in an American tragedy, Aaron Anstett throws the crazy logic of our world back in our faces, knowing ‘one’s vision’s given to wild inaccuracies.’ He’s a gifted misfi t citizen who shocks the language back into life. Yet it’s the accuracy of poem after poem in this collection that makes me think Anstett is one of our wittiest and most necessary voices. Read him."
—David Mason

"The startling, ecstatic music that circulates through Aaron Anstett’s collection starts in the fi rst stanza of the fi rst poem, which watches and hears ‘fi eld mice scurry on snow, / script of their paw prints unscrolled.’ Such music invokes and evokes spirits, starting there with Burns and Clare, ending with Omar Khayyam, when Anstett’s speaker’s second self pounds at the door of a bar, pleading (as Anstett’s work does) for us all: ‘Open / the door. It’s tomorrow already.’"
—H.L. Hix

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