Today's poem is "Aquarium"
from Jagged With Love

University of Wisconsin Press

Susanna Childress is finishing her Ph.D. in creative writing at Florida State University and this is her first book. She lives in Tallahassee.

Other poems by Susanna Childress in Verse Daily:
May 2, 2006:   "Prose, I say, Plasma" " The night we both do not sleep, I tell you, The body is an overturned pail..."

About Jagged With Love:

"Susanna Childress writes at the cutting edge of the long tradition of love poetry. Her poems often involve tense negotiations between a sharp cultural intelligence and a body that craves its fulfillment. She writes with grace about love and lust, and she unfailingly delivers rhythmic and linguistic pleasures to her lucky readers as they follow the course of these inquisitive, unpredictable poems."
—Billy Collins

"Susanna Childress's Jagged Edge With Love is as crammed full of that emotion as a valentine-shaped box of chocolates and just as delicious, because she's in love with the world, even with its sharp edges and less-than-perfect looks. And no matter where her eye falls—the mirror, those closest to her, or God—she is passionate, doubtful, ecstatic all in the same glance, as she gazes at the tsunami that bears down on us every minute we are alive. Here is Teresa of Avila in jeans and a tee-shirt—oracular but leading the conga line."
—Authority 2

"The poems of Susanna Childress: well-oiled engines channeling a pure high-velocity fuel. Breathtakingly original movement. Verve, vitality, a swoop through the pass, and a risky edge. Impossible to predict where they are taking us, but always somewhere vibrant and shimmering."
—Authority 3

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