Today's poem is "Hat of Many Goldfinches"
from Keep and give away

University of South Carolina Press

Susan Meyers is the author of Lessons in Leaving, a chapbook selected by Brendan Galvin for the 1998 Persephone Press Book Award. Her poems have appeared in the Southern Review, Crazyhorse, and Tar River Poetry and have been featured online at Verse Daily. A longtime writing instructor, she holds an M.F.A. from Queens University of Charlotte.

Other poems by Susan Meyers in Verse Daily:
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December 26, 2004:  "Contraries" "You sit on the front steps in love..."
September 22, 2004:  "Keep and Give Away" "With a bushel basket in hand..."
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About Keep and give away:

"Whether Susan Meyers describes the cry of a loon, a boat trip into a swamp, or casting a net, the images in Keep and Give Away are striking and resonate with the book's central paradox of loving and letting go. Though Meyers does not turn from painful experience like her mother's decline, lingering death, and the black hole of its aftermath, her dominant impulse is to celebrate and, as she says in one poem, 'learn to look for the overlooked.' This is a first collection full of finely crafted poems—free verse and poems in form—that are alive and radiantly detailed, pleasurable and poignant."
—Peter Makuck

"As I read the final poem of Susan Meyers's first full-length collection Keep and Give Away, I felt again the resonant ending of 'Shelling: Ars Poetica'—'the last one leaves you wanting more.' In poems as skillfully crafted as they are inspired, Meyers holds tight to the tenuous things of this world, polishing and polishing each until it glows. This is a stunning body of work."
—Cathy Smith Bowers

"Keep and Give Away offers us countless resounding, delicate notes. We might fall, submit to loss, were there no art such as this to keep us upright in the world."
—Terrance Hayes

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