Today's poem is "The Unripe Dead"

from Chelsea

Sonia Raiziss's publications include two collections of poetry, Through a Glass Darkly, Bucks County Blues, two books of criticism, La poésia américaine "moderniste," The Metaphysical Passion: Seven Modern Poets and the Seventeenth Century Tradition, and two books of translations. She edited Chelsea from 1960 to 1994. Her poems in this issue were with others among her papers, deposited at the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library at Yale University.

Other poems by Sonia Raiziss in Verse Daily:
February 11, 2006:   "Among the Alien Born" " Nor this city whose blood..."

About Chelsea:
Poets in this issue: Robert Bense, Noel Conneely, Daniel Mark Epstein, Farrah Field, Frank Finale, Robert Funge, Stuart Greenhouse, Patrick Hicks, Timothy Houghton, Raymond Luczak, Nadine Meyer, Donald Platt, Brian Satrom, Jenny Benjamin-Smith, Thom Ward, a. yeeseul yoo, Sander Zulauf

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Chelsea * P.O. Box 773 * Cooper Station * New York, NY 10276-0773
Editor: Alfredo de Palchi * Poetry Editor: Emanuel di Pasquale

Other poems from Chelsea in Verse Daily:
February 17, 2006:   "Pentecostals at the River Baptizing" by Robert Bense
February 13, 2006:   "Dear Friend," by Robert Funge
February 11, 2006:   "Among the Alien Born" by Sonia Raiziss
February 7, 2006:   "Five Cents" by Noel Conneely
March 22, 2005:  "Small Ending" by Dora Malech
March 20, 2005:  "We Traveled Far &" by Jesse Lee Kercheval
March 19, 2005:  "Noah and Joan" by Denise Duhamel
March 18, 2005:  "Another Art by Daniel Lin
November 7, 2004:  "Cello" by Oscar Hahn, translated by James Hoggard
November 5, 2004:  "Yannis Ritsos" by Guy Goffette, translated by Marilyn Hacker
November 4, 2004:  "Us, Like a Bad Mix Tape" by Jillian Weise
November 3, 2004:  "'Thank You'" by Mia Leonin
November 2, 2004:  "An Overrated Virtue" by Michelle Detorie
July 1, 2004:  "Those Who Thoroughly Bed the Estuary" by Jay Wright
November 21, 2003:  "Zorba's Daughter" by Elisabeth Murawski
November 20, 2003:  "Carnival at Prato" by Giorgio Orelli, translated by Lynne Lawner
May 22, 2003:  "Leonardo Drawings" by K. E. Duffin
November 18, 2002:  Passages by Michael David Roberts

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