Today's poem is "Me and G-d at the sidewalk cafe"

from Arsenic Lobster

Sari Krosinsky is a graduate student in creative writing at the Univesity of New Mexico. She's a New York-born nomad settled in Albuquerque.

About Arsenic Lobster:
Poets in this issue: Maureen Alsop, Laura Bontrager, John Camacho, Matthew Friauf, Daniel Gallik, Mark Gaudet, Yvonne Hortillo, Anna Husain, L. Kelly, Joseph Kerschbaum, Lissa Kiernan, Sean Kilpatrick, Sari Krosinsky, Michael Paul Ladanyi, Edward Layer, Rebecca Loudon, Sally Allen McNall, John McCormick, Corey Mesler, Mary Miller, Tom Patterson, Benjamin Pealer, Simon Perchik, Maj Ragain, Robert Arthur Reeves, Nanette Rayman-Rivera, Thomas Reynolds, Jennifer Russell, Suzume Shi, Sampson Starkweather, E. Starling, Treasure Williams, Robert Wynne

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Arsenic Lobster * 1608 S Paulina St. * Chicago, IL 60608
Editor: Susan Yount

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