Today's poem is "Ghazal of the Bright Body"

from West Branch

Sarah Sloat's poems have appeared in Inkpot, Pebble Lake Review, The Rose, and Thorn. A native of New Jersey, she has lived in China, Kansas, Italy, and, for the past thirteen years, Germany.

Other poems by Sarah Sloat in Verse Daily:
November 28, 2005:   "As A Damper Quells A Struck String" " To name the melon flower is not to chart the hypothetical..."
April 10, 2005:  "The Narration of Rain ""Rain blows through the pines. Rain rattles water oak leaves. Rain on..."
June 2, 2003:  "Leave-Taking Above the Missouri" "The way out is up, over, through the thistle gate..."
May 4, 2003:  "The Reconstruction of the Fictive Space" "I open my eyes and a season passes..."

About West Branch:
Poets in this issue: Sarah Sloat, Ruth Ellen Kocher, Roy Seeger, Julie Danho, Eric Pankey, B.J. Best, Sibbie O'Sullivan, Patricia Crane, Mike Dockins, Charles Jensen, Matthew Ladd, Shane Seely

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West Branch * Bucknell Hall * Bucknell University * Lewisburg, PA, 17837
Editor: Paula Closson Buck

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December 13, 2004:  "Grackles" by Lisa Williams
August 10, 2004:  "Anecdote of the Turkeys" by Wayne Dodd
August 2, 2004:  "Speak, Zero" by Mary Ruefle
June 19, 2004:  "Yes, to the Mole, Emerging in Night" by Daniel Bourne
February 10, 2004:  "Rorschach on Pond" by Sean Serrell
February 9, 2004:  "Deer" by Sarah Kennedy
June 1, 2003:  "First Thing" by Bill Knott
May 20, 2003:  "Succession" by Bill Knott
May 19, 2003:  "Angry Music" by John Nixon, Jr.
May 16, 2003:  "I Never Promised You a Worm Farm" by Charles Harper Webb
January 31, 2003:  "Collect Call" by Michelle Boisseau
January 15, 2003:  "Cautionary Tale" by Nance Van Winckel
January 8, 2003:  "The Climbers" by Jeffrey Skinner
January 7, 2003:  "Steadily" by Michelle Boisseau

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