Today's poem is "A Tramp Shining (for Jimmy Webb)"

from Court Green

Richard Fox's poems have appeared in numerous journals. He has been the recipient of awards and grants from the Illinois Arts Council and the City of Chicago. He holds a BFA in Photography from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. He likes gift/lift.

About Court Green:
Poets in this issue: Derek Pollard, Donald Revell, Abraham Smith, Jason Camlot, Alice George, Ryan Murphy, Bruce Hainley, Carla Conforto, Allison Funk, Wang Ping, Lisa J. Ampleman, Patrick J. Lawler, Jim Elledge, Patrick Culliton, Aaron Smith, John Repp, Cin Salach Sarah Vap, Jenna Cardinale, Laynie Browne, Ellen Rachlin, J. Gallaher, Brad Gooch, Woody Loverude Michael Robbins, G.C. Waldrep, David Hernandez Diane Wald, Cynie Cory, Molly Dorozenski, Kirsten Kaschock, Amy Ratto, Ethel Rackin, James Shea Danielle Pafunda, Mary Zoo, D.A. Powell, Mark Bibbins, Michael Snediker, Neil de la Flor, Kristin Kelly, Martine Bellen, Jean Valentine, Nathan Armstrong, Lana Ayers, Aliki Barnstone, Tony Barnstone, Jeanne Marie Beaumont, Patrick Clark, Shanna Compton, Jeffery Conway, Peter Davis Jessica DelGizzi, Denise Duhamel, Jilly Dybka, Rhino P. Espaillat, Annie Finch, Lisa Fishman, Richard Fox, Joanna Fuhrman, Sian B. Griffiths, Daniel Gutstein Jessica Haney, Simon Hunt, Allison Joseph, Vincent Katz, Ron Koertge, Dorianne Laux, Jenifer Lawrence, David Lehman, Timothy Liu, Emily Lloyd, Randall Mann, Douglas A. Martin, Gillian McCain, Joyelle McSweeney, Richard Meier, Christopher Michel Honor Moore, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Elinor Nauen Maureen Owen, Elise Paschen, Jody H. Phillips, Anna Rabinowitz, Elizabeth Robinson, Elizabeth Scanlon Chris Schmidt, Lloyd Schwartz, Soraya Shalforoosh Marion Shore, A.E. Stallings, Jackie White

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Court Green * Columbia College Chicago * English Department * 600 S. Michigan Ave * Chicago, IL 60605
Editors: Arielle Greenberg, Tony Trigilio and David Trinidad

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