Today's poem is "The Forgiveness Channel"

from Elixir

Nance Van Winckel has new poems appearing in such places as Gettysburg Review, Agni, and Doubletake. Her fourth collection of poetry is Beside Ourselves (Miami University Press, 2003), and she also published three books of short fiction, most recently Curtain Creek Farm (Persea Books, 2000). She teaches in the MFA programs at Eastern Washington University and Vermont College.

Other poems by Nance Van Winkel in Verse Daily:

December 20, 2005:   "And the Wound Says" " Step into the river and let the ripples cool us...."
June 24, 2005:  "When the River Comes Toward Me" "it comes with whatever it's..."
January 12, 2005:  "Awaiting the Return Ferry" "Ghostly, echoes of old guffaws from a crowd..."
July 13, 2004:  "Simone Weil at the Renault Factory (1935)" "A thread in a line of threads, she stands..."
January 9, 2004:  "Let me Remind You You Are Still Under Oath" "Out of marsh out of the bronchial..."
February 3, 2003:  "Passing Through the Shadows Of Great Buildings" "The beggar in plaid blankets wanted to kiss my hand..."
January 15, 2003:  "Cautionary Tale" "The funny bearded goat..."
January 6, 2003:  "Bid Me Be the Bird" "May the lower, liquid half of the world..."

About Elixir:
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Other poems from Elixir in Verse Daily:
August 14, 2005:   "House on Fire by Susan Yount
August 10, 2005:   "Vessel" Linda Cooper
August 9, 2005:   "Returning The Ghost" F. Daniel Rzicznek
November 25, 2003:  "Visitations From Architeuthis" by Chad Davidson
November 11, 2003:  "Impossible Garden" by John Isles
August 24, 2002:  "The New Years" by Sandra Kohler

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