Today's poem is "How Passion Finds Us"

from Pebble Lake Review

Mercedes Lawry has published work in Poetry, Rhino, Nimrod, and others. She has received honors from Seattle Arts Commission, Artist Trust, Jack Straw Writers Program and held a residency at Hedgebrook.

About Pebble Lake Review:
Poets in this issue: Mary Alexandra Agner, CB Anderson, Jonathan Barrett, J.P. Dancing Bear, Jesse Bishop, C.L. Bledsoe, Robert L. Brimm, Edward Byrne, Ryan Campbell, Ewa Chrusciel, Tiffany De Vos, DJ Dolack, Samuel Eddington, Carol Gilbertson, John Glowery, Taylor Graham, Brett Harrington, Ilya Kaminsky, Michael Keshigian, Cynthia Arrieu-King, Andrew Kozma, Erin K. Lambert, Mercedes Lawry, Lyn Lifshin, Farah Marklevits, Elizabeth McDonnell, Claudia Mon Pere, Jeffrey W. Morgan, Keith Montesano, Tom O’Connor, Herbert Orlofsky, Dzvinia Orlowsky, James Owens, Thomas D. Patterson, Matthew Pennock, Anne Pepper, Jack Ridl, Chuck Rybak, Judson Simmons, Jeff D. Simpson, Erin Elizabeth Smith, Sarah E. Smith, Leigh Stein, D.E. Steward, John Sweet, Martin Willitts, Jr.

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Editor-in-Chief: Amanda Auchter

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