Today's poem is "Brackets Make a Racket"

from Green Mountains Review

Maurya Simon is the author of seven volumes of poetry, including Ghost Orchid, which was nominated in 2004 for a National Book Award. Her two new volumes, due out in 2006, are The Mapmaker's Art (Red Hen Press) and WEAVERS (Blackbird Press).

Other poems by Maurya Simon in Verse Daily:
April 8, 2004:  "Enough" "Heaven has enough windows for everyone..."
March 23, 2004:  "Transubstantiation" "First the high road, then a bend..."
June 5, 2003:  "Hieronymus and the Lion" "Legends grow slowly and askant the truth..."

About Green Mountains Review:
Poets in this issue: Elizabeth Powell, Maurya Simon, Marianne Boruch, Chard deNiord, Charles Harper Webb, Gary Soto, David Salner, Jim Daniels, Wesley McNair, Jeff Worley, Ryan Walsh, Greg Delanty, Kate Gleason, Jeanne Larsen, Hailey Leithauser, Michelle Bonczek, Sandra Meek, Ray Marsocci, Patricia Goedicke, B.J. Buckey, Timothy Liu, Tom Chandler, Allan Peterson, Laurie Blauner, Susanne Kort, Moira Linehan, Lynn Domina, Tim Ross, Oliver Rice

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July 18, 2005:   "A Little Traveling Music" Betsy Sholl
March 17, 2005:  "From the Road" by Eamon Grennan
March 16, 2005:  "The Sound of a Train" by Kathleen Flenniken
June 25, 2004:  "Dispersal" by Katherine Soniat
June 16, 2004:  "Codeine" by Christof Scheele
January 19, 2004:  "Kind of Blue" by Angie Estes
October 24, 2003:  "Mute Swan" by Louise Mathias
June 13, 2003:  "Driving Through the Valley" by Lynne Knight
June 11, 2003:  "Journey to the East" by Baron Wormser
March 17, 2003:  "Adolescence" by Gabriel Gudding

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