Today's poem is "Cup of Sticks"
from Volt

Matthew Miller is a graduate of the Iowa Writer's Workshop. His work appears in Colorado Review, New Letters, Open City, Prairie Schooner and elsewhere.

About Volt:
Poets in this issue: Erica Bemheim, Chris Bolin, Sandy Brown, Matthew Cooperman, E. Kay Elliott, Michael Farrell, Mary Fister, Jorie Graham, Sarah Gridley, Judith Hall, Matthea Harvey, Anthony Hawley, Brenda Hillman, Cynthia Hogue, Paul Hoover, Alice Jones, Karen Kevorkian, David Lau, Joshua McKinney, Magdelawit Makonnen, Sabrina Orah Mark, Richard Meir, Matthew Miller, Sandra Miller, John Niekrasz, Gregory Pardo, Dennis Phillips, Andrea Rexilius, Martha Ronk, Peter Sacks, Amy Schroeder, Matt Shears, Richard Silberg, Carol Snow, 'Annah Sobelman, James Tate, Brian Teare, John Thirkield, Dara Wier, Steve Willard, Nance Van Winckel, John Yau

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