Today's poem is "Where"

from Runes

Mary Jo Bang is the author of four books of poems The Eye Like a Strange Balloon (Grove, 2004), The Downstream Extremity of the Isle of the Swans (2001), Louise In Love (2001), and Apology for Want (1997). She's been a poetry editor at The Boston Review since 1995.

Other poems by Mary Jo Bang in Verse Daily:

October 17, 2005:   "The Cruel Wheel Turns Twice" " And tightens until language can't bear this..."
July 4, 2003:  "Gretel" "Mother, I am bare in a mist-mad forest..."

About Runes:

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Editors: CB Follett and Susan Terris

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December 30, 2006:   "A Glow on the Road" by Annie Finch
April 2, 2006:   "Where" by Bill Bly
February 28, 2005:  "The Sleigh" by Molly Brodak
February 25, 2005:  "House Fire" by Rita Dove
October 15, 2002:  "The Dead" by Ellery J. Akers

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