Today's poem is "Human Terms"
from Hinge

Black Zinnas

Kathleen Lynchís collection How to Build an Owl won the Select Poet Series award from Small Poetry Press. No Spring Chicken won the White Eagle Coffee Store Press Award. Small Poetry Press published her Alterations of Rising in its Select Poet Series. Pudding House Publications released Kathleen Lynch — Greatest Hits in its invitational series in 2002. Her poems have been anthologized and appear in many journals, including Poetry, Nimrod, Spoon River Poetry Review, Chariton Review, The Laurel Review, Carquinez Poetry Review, Runes, Poetry Northwest, The Midwest Quarterly, Slipstream, Sycamore Review and Quarterly West. Among her awards, she received the Spoon River Poetry Review Editorís Choice Award, the Salt Hill Poetry Award, and the Two Rivers Review Prize. Lynch has also published fiction, essays, and B&W art photographs, and works as a clay sculptor.

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About Hinge:

"What a pleasure to spend the spring and summer reading poetry manuscripts, having been given the privilege of selecting one for publication in the new Black Zinnias poetry series. Looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack, Kathleen Lynch made my task easy, and once found, the needle fit perfectly in my hand. All I had to do was thread my breath through the eye of the needle and read, line by line, stitching the details and nuances of life. And isn't that the surprising truth of poetry? That reading a book like Hinge proves that what is rare and hard to find is worth the search and utterly necessary."
—Richard Jones

"Fierce. Uncompromising. Warm. Wry. Kathleen Lynch's voice is all these things, as well as sure and reassuring. Lynch's poems are bold in their range, and fiercely honest in their observations. Her poems have such clarity that we feel we've entered a world utterly new, yet utterly familiar. The hallmark of her gifts is her ability to make the ordinary reveal itself to us in extraordinary ways. Only a poet of her grace, intelligence, and technical skill could allow us to pass so easily from the mundane to the miracles it contains, reminding us that the 'hinge between worlds' is always there before us. In Lynch's hands, it opens again and again."
—Lynne Knight

"Robert Frost once said that if a poem has outer seriousness he liked it to have inner humor. If outer humor, then inner seriousness. Kathleen Lynch's poems exemplify Frost's predilection. She's a poet of both gravity and charm, continually fascinated with the vagaries of what it means to be alive. I'm an unabashed Kathleen Lynch fan. She even knows how to make sadness lively. Those of you in search of serious pleasures, buy this book."
—Stephen Dunn

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