Today's poem is "Weather"

from Carquinez Poetry Review

Kathleen Lynch's work has appeared in Poetry, Nimrod, Spoon River Poetry Review, The Sow's Ear, Chariton Review, The Laurel Review, Poetry Northwest, Two Rivers Review, and Quarterly West and is the recipient of The Spoon River Poetry Review Editor's Choice Award 2000 and The Salt Hill Poetry Award 2000.

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About Carquinez Poetry Review :
Poets in this issue: David Alpaugh, Carl Auerbach, Stan Badgett, Gay Baines, Claire J. Baker, Jacqueline Bardsley, Jenny Benjamin-Smith, Eileen Berry, Rose Black, Ruth Blakeney, Sandra Bozarth, Cathy Cappozzoli, Gladys Justin Carr, Edith Cheitman, Karla Clark, Kathleen Groll Connolly, Chella Courington, Mary Cresswell, Rachel Dacus, Tracy Debrincat, Stuart Dodds, Edwin Drummond, Quinton Duval, Robert Eastwood, Gayle Eleanor, Joel Fallon, Diane Frank, LaVerne Frith, William M. Gottlieb, Taylor Graham, Andre Gritsman, Stephen Gyllenhaal, K. Naomi Hann, Laura Hope-Gill, Angela Howe-Decker, Margaret B. Ingraham, Mike Jurkovic, Lynne Knight, Yvonne Higgins Leach, Ronna Leon, Kathleen Lynch, Jill Mancina, C.O. McCauley, Ann McGovern, Amy Miller, Maggie Morley, Stan Morner, Kay Mullen, Les Murray, Celeste Newbrough, Phil Phillips, Daniel Polikoff, Connie Post, Zara Raab, F. D. Reeve, John Ridland, Eliot Schain, Sherry Sheehan, Robert M. Shelby, Tobin Simon, Susannah W. Simpson, Wesley D. Sims, Liza Sisk, Ray Skjebred, J. Mel Smith, Hannah Stein, K. W. Steinmetz, Dorothy Stroud, Ellen Sullins, Eugenie Juliet Theall, Jeanne Wagner, Katie McAllaster Weaver, Jonathan Wells, Arnie Yasinski

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