Today's poem is "Once I Was in Wyoming"
from White Stucco Black Wing

Red Hen Press

Karen Kevorkian's poetry and fiction have appeared in numerous magazines, including Antioch Review, Fiction International, 5 Fingers Review, Hambone, Los Angeles Review, Massachusetts Review, Mississippi Review, Rio Grande Review, River City Review, Third Coast, and Virginia Quarterly Review. She teaches poetry and fiction writing at the University of Virginia.

About White Stucco Black Wing:

"In the poems of White Stucco Black Wing, Karen Kevorkian offers a meditation on the body as at once our source of knowing and our record of 'what passes and passes/away' — that world that we're necessarily always leaving, making it all the more imperative that we look closely. These poems give refreshing witness to that imperative."
—Carl Phillips

"Through the white heat of language, a painterly imagination, and headlong into 'a story hinted at unread,' these poems strike at the very heart of being. Karen Kevorkian takes us to that rare and ravishing place in poetry, 'to look at the thing and in the looking become.' This is one wonderful book, as full of life as life is."
—Gillian Conoley

"Karen Kevorkian's poems are hip enough to understand that in a white and black world there is only unfinished understanding. Only unfinished business, so to speak, and therein their human condition is pure presence."
—Ralph Angel

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