Today's poem is "Landscape"

from Green Mountains Review

Joshua Harmon has published other "Landscape" poems in recent issues of Colorado Review, Denver Quarterly, Verse, Slope, Gulf Coast, and elsewhere. His prose appears in recent issues of Southwest Review, New England Review, and Triquarterly.

About Green Mountains Review:
Poets in this issue: Stanley Plumly, Eric Pankey, Barbara Ras, William Hathaway, Kate Gleason, Susanne Kort, Gary Fincke, Richard Solly, Bruce Cohen, Lee Rossi, Mark Halliday, Matthew Cooperman, Gregory Fraser, Joshua Harmon, Matt Donovan, Hilary Sideris, Lynne Knight, Bias Falconer, C. Wade Bentley, Alexis Orgera, Daneen Wardrop, Michael Meyerhofer, Young Smith, Margot Schilpp, Roy Jacobstein, Jason Koo, Annie Boutelle, Luis Benitez, Eugenio Montejo

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Green Mountains Review * Johnson State College * Johnson, VT 05656
General Editor and Poetry Editor: Neil Shepard

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