Today's poem is "Diaspora"

from Eleventh Muse

Jeffery Bahr has work published or upcoming in Chelsea, Green Mountains Review, Notre Dame Review, Pleiades, POOL, Verse and Quarterly West.

About The Eleventh Muse:
Poets in this issue: Alex Williams, Andrea L. Watson, Tony Trigilio, Joanne Tangorra, A. E. Stallings, John Pursley III, Stephen S. Power, John Poch, Robert Perchan, Jeff Newberry, Steve Mueske, Peter Meinke, Clay Matthews, Erin Malone, Jeanne Larsen, Rebecca Laroche, Greg Kosmicki, Jennifer Koiter, Katie Kingston, Carrie Jerrell, Thomas Jardine, Mark Irwin, Brandi Homan, Jenn Habel, R. S. Gwynn, Hillary Gravendyk Burrill, Jeannine Hall Gailey, Jeffrey Franklin, Allen C. Fischer, Marta Ferguson, Ellen Kirvin Dudis, Lucille Lang Day, Jordan Davis, Leigh Anne Couch, Gaylord Brewer, Ash Bowen, Mary Biddinger, Shaindel Beers, Sandra Beasley, Jeffery Bahr, Scott M. Bade, Amanda Auchter, Susan Kay Anderson, M. Lee Alexander, Deborah Ager

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The Eleventh Muse * PO Box 2413 * Colorado Springs, Colorado 80901
Editor: Steven D. Schroeder

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