Today's poem is "Centenary Federation"

from Diner

James Capozzi's poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Chicago Review, New Republic, Poetry and elsewhere.

Other poems by James Capozzi in Verse Daily:
August 23, 2005:   "Paradise "Who knows how long I'll maunder solo, some..."

About Diner:
Poets in this issue: Kelli Russell Agodon, Raffaello Baldini, Maria Banus, Robin Behn, Adria Bernardi, Jonathan Blake, Ronda Broatch, Nan Byrne, James Capozzi, David Cappella, Eugenia Chao, Ken Chen, Karla Clark, Glenn G. Coats, Jennifer L. Collins, Jack Conway, E. Michael Desilets, Joe Dimino, Jehanne Dubrow, K.E. Duffin, Brent Fisk, James Fowler, Jeffrey Franklin, Jeannine Hall Gailey, Christopher Goodrich, Taylor Graham, Timothy Green, Valerie Hall, Anne Heide, Amy Hollowell, K. Carlton Johnson, Richard Kenefic, David Keplinger, Anja Leigh, Jeffrey Levine, Rebecca Loudon, Jana Mackin, Charlotte Mandel, Lynette Ng, Dzvinia Orlowsky, Roger Pfingston, Liza Porter, Andrew M. Roberts, Kathleen Rooney, Michael Scofield, Askold Skalsky, Sarah Sloat, Ellen McGrath Smith, Adam J. Sorkin, Mary Austin Speaker, Richard Spillman, Celina Su, Jane Summer, Beth Sweeney, Carl Tilona, Martha Modena Vertreace-Doody, Lidia Vianu, Julie M. Wade, Sara Wallace, Robert Weldon, Mike White, Karen Wolf, Francis Woodbridge

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Diner * PO Box 60676 * Greendale Station * Worcester, MA 01606-2378
Editors: Eve Rifkah and Michael Milligan

Other poems from Diner in Verse Daily:
May 29, 2005:  "Rhapsody" Sandra Kohler
May 28, 2005:  "Cooling" Betsey Houghton

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