Today's poem is "Poem against Poem"

from Meridian

George Moore has published poetry in The Atlantic, Poetry, North American Review, Colorado Review, Orion, American Literary Review, Nimrod, and Southern Poetry Review. His most recently collection, All Night Card Game in the Backroom of Time, was just released as an e-Book with Pulpbits Books online, and his third collection, Headhunting (Edwin Mellen), appeared in 2002. A limited edition chapbook on archival CD, live in the Wall, will be released this summer. Moore teaches literature and writing at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and when not teaching, travels in Asia and Europe.

About Meridian:
Poets in this issue: Jane Dunn, Becky Kennedy, Mike Dockins, Sarah M. Brownsberger, Kathy Nilsson, Allison Eir Jenks, Alison Stine, Scott Bailey, Elizabeth Gold, Shawn Sturgeon, Jack Christian, Dean Jameson, Elizabeth Sanger, Kevin Barents, Kyle Rene, Jean Esteve, Sonia Greenfield, Jeffrey Dodd, John T. Casteen IV, George Moore

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Editor: Ryan Fox

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