Today's poem is "Trillium"

from Southern Poetry Review

Fleda Brown is the author the forthcoming book Reunion (U. of Wisconsin Press, 2007). The Women Who Loved Elvis All Their Lives (Carnegie Mellon UP, 2004), Breathing In, Breathing Out (Anhinga Press, 2002), The Devil's Child (Carnegie Mellon UP, 1999), Do Not Peel the Birches (Purdue UP, 1993), Fishing With Blood (Purdue UP, 1988).

Other poems by Fleda Brown in Verse Daily:
December 2, 2005:   "Under The Eaves" " Two cottage mice: one trapped, neck snapped..."
August 3, 2005:   "The Death of Cleone "Of course she mistook..."
September 20, 2004:  "Indian River Inlet" "March: nothing here but a blank Tinkertoy city of docks..."
August 20, 2003:  "Water Rising" "When the polar ice caps melt..."

About Southern Poetry Review:
Poets in this issue: Nick Conrad, Gary Fincke, David Blair, Dan Stryk, Marcia L. Hurlow, Jeffrey Franklin, Elizabeth Adams, Blas Falconer, Sally Molini, Claudia Burbank, Tim Leach, Arthur Smith, Stephen Gibson, Virginia M. Heatter, Valerie Wohlfield, Enid Shomer, Lynne Potts, Michelle Detorie, Shane Seely, Robert West, Jeannine Dobbs, Ken Autrey, Robert Bense, J. Allyn Rosser, Amy Benson Brown, Jennifer Perrine, Susan Varot, Edward Schelb, David Witherspoon, Charles Wyatt, Jeannette Barnes, Philip Ciampa, Carolyn Stoloff, Michael Salcman, Fleda Brown, Ron Rash, Christine Kravetz, Jay Rogoff

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