Today's poem is "Night"

from The Kenyon Review

Eamon Grennan's most recent collection of poetry, Waterborne, won the 2003 Kingsley Tufts Poetry Award. Newer poems have appeared or are forthcoming in TriQuarterly, Poetry, and Atlantic Monthly.

Other poems by Eamon Grennan in Verse Daily:
March 17, 2005:  "From the Road ""What stops me is the big indifference..."
April 6, 2004:  "Start of March, Connemara" "The wind colder even than March in Maine, though the same sea..."
August 26, 2003:  "Resolution" "Since life is like a burning house, what can he make..."

About The Kenyon Review:
Poets in this issue: Ales Debeljak, Andrew Zawacki, Steven Gehrke, Linda Gregerson, Eamon Grennan, Joy Harjo, Barry Hill, Randall Mann, Eugenio Montejo, Jay Parini, Michael Pettit

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The Kenyon Review * Walton House * Kenyon College * Gambier, OH 43022-9623
Poetry Editor: David Baker

Other poems from Kenyon Review in Verse Daily:
July 28, 2006:   "Afternoon Nap" by Michael Pettit
April 12, 2006:   "Equilibrium Update" by J. Allyn Rosser
January 22, 2006:   "Starlings" by Sarah Arvio
January 21, 2006:   from "Genomic Vanitas & Memento Vivi" by Bruce Beasley
October 13, 2005:   "Always The Same Face" by Phillis Levin
October 11, 2005:   "Elegy For The Odd, Where It Drains, Where It Ends" Ander Monson
October 10, 2005:   "Larger to Those Who Stay" Eleanor Wilner
July 31, 2005:   "Loose Leaf from a Destroyed Journal Julie Sheehan
July 25, 2005:   "Manatee" Carol Frost
May 9, 2005:  "Gregor Mendel in the Garden" Linda Bierds
January 24, 2005:  "Wishful Rhetoric" by Kevin Stein
January 11, 2005:  "Upon Witnessing My Mother Impossibly Blossom Above My Father's Deathbed" by Kevin Stein
October 14, 2004:  "They Shoot Birds" by Dionisio D. Martinez
October 13, 2004:  "Elephants and Butterflies" by Alan Michael Parker
October 12, 2004:  "Pomme Prisonniere" by Tenaya Darlington
October 11, 2004:  "Morning in Liguria" by Philip Levine
July 17, 2004:  "The Truth of Poetry" by Sharon Dolin
July 13, 2004:  "Simone Weil at the Renault Factory (1935)" by Nance Van Winckel
April 6, 2004:  "Start of March, Connemara" by Eamon Grennan
January 9, 2004:  "Let me Remind You You Are Still Under Oath" by Nance Van Winckel
January 6, 2004:  "Folded Back" by Rachel Hadas
October 4, 2003:  "So Begins The Lasting Silence" by John E. Smelcer
October 3, 2003:  "Target Practice" by Dolores Hayden
May 7, 2003:  "In Earnest" by Joshua McKinney
December 15, 2002:  My People by Dean Young
October 25, 2002:  "When I Taught Mary to Eat Avocado" by Alison Stine
September 13, 2002:  "Like Lavrinia" by Kimiko Hahn

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