Today's poem is "Single-Lens Reflex"

from River Styx

Debra Kang Dean has published three collections of poetry, including Precipitates (BOA, 2003), which was nominated for the William Carlos Williams Award. She teaches in the brief-residency MFA Program at Spalding University and is also teaching at Indiana University-Bloomington during the fall of 2005.

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January 30, 2004:  "Taproot" "Stooping to pull up a weed..."

About River Styx:
Poets in this issue: Gaylord Brewer, Gary Fincke, Debra Kang Dean, Jennifer Atkinson, Jeff Worley, William Koefkorn, Mark Wisniewski, Jane O. Wayne, Lance Larsen, Rodney Jones, James Doyle, Elizabeth Rees, George Bilgere, Ellen Bass, ZC Sifuentes, Marlys West, Clint McCown

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Editor: Richard Newman

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July 2, 2004:  "In Ambient Light" by Greg Rappleye
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September 3, 2003:  "Thank You" by Molly Peacock
March 7, 2003:  "Love, with Trees and Lightning" by Catie Rosemurgy
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March 3, 2003:  "Waiting With a Stranger" by David Simpson
February 25, 2003:  "Fame and Fortune Cookie" by Richard Cecil
December 6, 2002:  Small Ghost Poem by Lawrence Raab
December 4, 2002:  Bride by Jeanne Marie Beaumont
September 16, 2002:  "Advertisement for the Ford Explorer" by David Roderick
July 27, 2002:  "Heroic Roses" by Elton Glaser

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