Today's poem is "Crows"
from Landscape with Silos

Texas Review Press

Deborah Bogen's poems and reviews appear widely. Recent poetry can be found in Shenandoah, The Gettysburg Review, Field, Margie, and Poetry International. Her chapbook, Living by the Children's Cemetery, was selected by Edward Hirsch as winner of the 2002 ByLine Press Chapbook Competition. She now lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she runs free fiction and poetry workshops.

Other poems by Deborah Bogen in Verse Daily:
March 28, 2004:  "Moving the Moon" "I'm not interested in the shaggy horse..."

About Landscape with Silos:

"Deb Bogen writes poetry that is naked and necessary, unadorned and political, intelligent and generous. The book brims with intelligence. And reality."
—Carol Frost

"Deborah Bogen's poems have a kind of unpretentious authority, sometimes ruefully realistic, sometimes quietly mysterious; the whole of Landscape with Silos goes to make something stronger and greater than its parts."
—Jean Valentine

"Here are poems of a lively intelligence, agile, wounded, and wise. Landscape with Silos is a well-crafted, beautifully imagined, and transforming work. It is free verse that conjures form, and the poet reveals a range of mind and emotion that holds the reader entranced. This is, quite simply, a marvelous book."
—Betty Adcock

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