Today's poem is "the caveat onus ::: twenty-three"

from New Orleans Review

Dave Brinks is a New Orleans poet. He is the editor of YAWP: A Journal of poetry & Art, publisher of Trembling Pillow Press, director of the 17 Poets! Reading Series and founder of The New Orleans School for the Imagination. His poetry has appeared in Exquisite Corpse, Fell Swoop, La Reata, Meena, New Laurel Review, Slavery, and Xavier Review. His collections of poetry include The Caveat Onus, The Light on Earth Street, The Secret Brain, How Birds Fly, The Snow Poems, Trail And Eros, and A Pot of Lips.

About New Orleans Review:
Poets in this issue: Ralph Adamo, John William Corrington, James Nolan, Kathleen Burk, Brad Richard, Srdjan Smajicī, Kenneth H. French, Dave Brinks, Andrei Codrescu, Carolyn Hembree, Abraham Burickson, Michael Tod Edgerton, Robin Kemp, Elizabeth Gross, Andy Young, Utahna Faith, Marie Slaight, Julia Sorrentino, David Tolar, Glenn Mott, Ed Skoog, Katherine Soniat, Peter Cooley, John Gery

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New Orleans Review * Box 195 * Loyola University * New Orleans, LA 70118
Poetry Editor: Katie Ford

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