Today's poem is "Landslide"
from A Less Fabulous Infinity

Louisiana Literature Press

Charles Rafferty is the author of three other collections of poetry: The Man on the Tower, Where the Glories of April Lead, and During the Beauty Shortage. His poems have also appeared in American Poetry: The Next Generation and Sonnets: 150 Contemporary Sonnets. Recent awards include the River Styx International Poetry Prize and a grant from the Connecticut Commission on the Arts. He currently teaches American literature and writing at Albertus Magnus College and works as an editor for a technology consulting firm. He lives in Connecticut, with his wife and two daughters.

About A Less Fabulous Infinity:

" Charles Rafferty's new collection of poems is a passionate expression of love for family and countryside. It is a book containing wonderful evocations, including one of fallen snow when 'radio towers are blinking in the hills.., brighter than stars.' These acutely carved small fierce poems win hope and joy through Rafferty's resolve to stay mindful of all his swamp and hill and sky and reservoir landscapes. This is splendid work."
—Dick Allen

" This is a collection of arresting maturity. Rafferty's poems are marvels of certainty and dread, of form and lyric, of—in the words of the poet himself—'pith and essence.'"
—Ian Morris

"These moving poems, detailing the struggle to keep from suffocating in suburban 'half-acre lots of mortgaged bliss,' are reminders to stop, to listen even in 'backyards filled with brats' that drown out the call of the heart. If you need solace, 'to balm whatever aches,' read A Less Fabulous Infinity. You will discover hope even in January while icicles hang from gutters, and learn to "make music of what you can."
—Vivian Shipley

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