Today's poem is "Planetarium"
from The Anteroom of Paradise

Silverfish Review Press

Bruce Bond's other collections of poetry include Cinder (Etruscan Press), The Throats of Narcissus (University of Arkansas), Radiography (Natalie Ornish Best Book of Poetry Award, BOA Editions), Independence Days (Robert Gross Award, Woodley Press), and four chapbooks. He has won numerous honors including fellowships from the NEA, the Texas Commission on the Arts, and other organizations, and his poetry appears regularly in national journals and anthologies such as Best American Poetry, The Yale Review, The Georgia Review, and The Paris Review. Presently he is Professor of English at the University of North Texas and Poetry Editor for American Literary Review.

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About The Anteroom of Paradise:

"What a pleasure to have Bruce Bond's The Anteroom of Paradise reprinted, to be reminded how fully the emotive music and penetrating imagination we find in his later work flourish in this astonishing early volume. Lovely, precise, heartbreaking, these poems return with mouthfuls of surprise to haunt us once again."
—Corey Marks

"When some fifteen years ago I first heard Bruce Bond read his poems at the University of Kansas, I knew that he was the real thing, destined to become one of the more important poets of his generation. Since then he has authored five full-length books of poems, each one advancing the cause of the poetic imagination and the reaches of language a little farther, a bit higher. And so I am grateful to Silverfish Review Press for reissuing his second book, The Anteroom of Paradise, highly valuable in its own right for its lyric precision and grace, finely honed lines, and rich verbal textures. A musician as well as a poet, Bond has never abandoned-as so many poets have-the powers of the auditory imagination that so animate Anteroom. Rereading it, I recall the pleasures of the large second section on composers, the way it makes poetry seem like the only possible means of articulating a life in music. Silverfish has reopened the door to The Anteroom of Paradise, and I hope others will enter it to witness and delight in the evolving gifts of one of our finest poets."
—B. H. Fairchild

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