Today's poem is "Orpheus"

from The Modern Review

Adam Fitzgerald is a recent graduate of Boston College. He has been featured at the Barron Arts Center Poetry Series, the longest running poetry reading in New Jersey. He has published poems in Black Swan Review, which will appear in Winter 2005. Next fall, he intends to be in New York City, where he will undertake doctoral work in modernism.

About The Modern Review:
Poets in this issue: Pietro Aman, Jorge Lucio de Campos, Adam Fitzgerald, Paul Gibbons, Dobby Gibson, James Grinwis, M.J. Iuppa, Boris Jardine, J.P. Lewis, Gianmarc Manzione, Ted Mathys, Laura McCullough, Geoffrey G. O'Brien, Vincent Spina,

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The Modern Review * RPO P.O. Box 32659 * Richmond Hill, ON * L4C 0A2
Editors: Pietro Aman, S. dos Anjos

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