Today's poems are "Ocean" and "Origins"

from Pebble Lake Review

Wendy Wisner is the author of Epicenter (Custom Words, 2004). She is the recipient of an Academy of American Poets Prize and the 2003 Amy Award. She teaches expository writing at Hunter College.

Other poems from Pebble Lake Review in Verse Daily:
June 26, 2005:  "That's Enough" Jack Ridl

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Poets in this issue: David Baratier, Priscilla Barton, J.P. Dancing Bear, Ben Berman, Jesse Bishop, Richard Alan Bunch, Susan V. Carlos, Susannah Carlson, Susan H. Case, Rob Cook, Mark Cunningham, Janet Lynn Davis, William Doreski, Barry Dunlap, Alan Elyshevitz, Justin Evans, Lane Falcon, David Harris-Gershon, John Grey, Brian Anthony Hardie, Laura Heidy, Mark Jackley, Jennifer Jerome, Elizabeth Kerlikowske, Jessica Langer, Mercedes Lawry, Joanne Lowery, Lyn Lifshin, François Luong, Maurice Oliver, Dzvinia Orlowsky, Steve Price, Judson Simmons, Sarah Sloat, Joannie Stangeland, Davide Trame, Juan Carlos Vargas, James R. Whitley, Wendy Wisner

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