Today's poem is "Heat Lightning"

from Smartish Pace

Ted Kooser is Poet Laureate of the United States. Delights & Shadows (Copper Canyon, 2004) is the most recent of his ten books of poetry.

Other poems by Ted Kooser in Verse Daily:
December 15, 2004:  "Nestling Robins" "In the crabapple tree by the side porch..."
May 25, 2004:  "Student" "The green shell of his backpack makes him lean..."
May 10, 2004:  "Walking on Tiptoe" "Long ago we quit lifting our heels..."
April 20, 2003:  "While my bowl is still half full..." with Jim Harrison "you can eat out of it too..."
July 29, 2002:  "Coyotes" "My pup steps to the edge / of the light..."

Other poems from Smartish Pace in Verse Daily:
August 30, 2004:  "Without Mythologies" by Henry Weinfield
August 29, 2004:  "Fifty-Fifty" by Patricia Clark
August 23, 2004:  "Olivia Between Acts" by Stuart Lishan
August 21, 2004:  "Garden" by Theodore Worozbyt
January 8, 2004:  "Missouri River" by Lawrence Revard
January 7, 2004:  "Pontoon Pantoum #505" by Kathy Fagan
January 5, 2004:  "The Fool Card" by Annie Finch
July 30, 2003:  "The Fruit Thereof" by William Wenthe
July 29, 2003:  "Slow Leak" by Ellen Doré Watson
July 28, 2003:  "Poor Excuses" by Andi Werblin
December 1, 2002:  Squirrel Hunting by Edmund August
November 30, 2002:  49 Views of Childhood by Bin Ramke
November 28, 2002:  The Birdhouse by Greg Williamson
November 26, 2002:  A Letter from Mama (1916-1999) by Marilyn Nelson

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