Today's poem is "Ironwork"

from Vallum

Stephanie Bolster is the author of three collections of poetry: White Stone: The Alice Poems (1998), which won the Govenor General's Award; Two Bowls of Milk (1999); and Pavillion (2002). She teaches creative writing at Concordia University in Montreal.

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About Vallum:
Poets in this issue: Harris Gardner, David Harsent, Giles Goodland, Anne Simpson, Kevin Higgins, Stephen Dunn, Evan Jones, Mark Laliberte, Susan Ioannou, Cid Corman, Rocco de Giacomo, Jan Conn, Sophie Cabot Black, Trevor Robertson, Ronnie R. Brown, Carolyn Marie Souaid, Andrew Shelley, Vincent Tinguely, Michael Allen Potter, Gordon Massman, Carrie McGath, Neil Cain, Terry Ann Carter, Stephanie Bolster, John M. Bennett, bill bissett, Daniel Scott Tysdal, Terrance Cox, Allan Briesmaster, B. Z. Niditch, John B. Lee, Charles Baudelaire, Charles Bernstein, GŁnter Kunert

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