Today's poem is "Drowning by the Light of Oranges"

from Wicked Alice

Simone Muench is the author of The Air Lost in Breathing (Helicon Nine Editions, 2000) and the chapbook Notebook, Knife, Mentholatum. (New Michigan Press, 2003). Her most recent collection, winner of the Kathryn Morton Prize, is due out in 2005 from Sarabande Books.

Other poems by Simone Muench in Verse Daily:
July 23, 2003:  "The Melos of Medusa" "I once was a beautiful woman..."

About Wicked Alice:
Poets in this issue: Rebecca Loudon, Arlene Ang, Theresa Boyar, Simone Muench, Christopher Barnes, Amanda Porter, Jenn Morea, Nissa Holtkamp, Jeremy Gardner, Lisa Zaran, Lightsey Darst, Jenny Sadre-Orafai, Julie Parson-Nesbit, Taylor Graham, Alex Stolis, Catherine Daly, Alyson Dayus, Lucy Anderton, Melissa Severin, Jalina Mhyana, Christina McNish, Maggie Lopez, Dorothy Doyle Mienko

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Wicked Alice
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