Today's poem is "Real Live Boy"

from The Greensboro Review

Sarah Lindsay is the author of two books in the Grove Press Poetry Series: Mount Clutter and Primative Behavior, a finalist for the National Book Award. She has published poems in The Atlantic, The Kenyon Review, The Paris Review, and The Southern California Anthology.

About The Greensboro Review:
Poets in this issue: Hidred Crill, Karin Gottshall, Sarah Lindsay, Natasha Trethewey, Bobby C. Rogers, Kristen Tracy, Toy O'Ferrall, Grace Butcher, Carrie Oeding, Katherine Bode-Lang, Cathy Carlisi, Dan Albergotti, Dale Kushner, Julia Johnson, Jim Peterson, Rachel Jamison Webster

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The Greensboro Review * MFA Writing Program * Department of English * 134 McIver Building, UNCG * PO Box 26170 * Greensboro, NC 27402-6170
Poetry Editor: Allison Seay

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