Today's poem is "The Night Café"
from Among Wordless Things

Wind Publications

Ron Houchin's poems have appeared in The Southwest Review, The Southern Poetry Review, Poetry Ireland Review, The Stinging Fly, Alaska Quarterly Review, Poetry Northwest, Willow Springs, Sow's Ear, Appalachian Journal, Appalacian Heritage, Now & Then, Poetry East, Sycamore, Rive Gauche, New Orleans Review, Antietam Review, Potomac Review, New Delta Review, and many more.

About Among Wordless Things:

"There's a really original slant of vision in these poems, and some particularly surprising metaphors, and a sense of a secret life lived and remembered."
—Richard Hague

"Ron Houchin's work is finely crafted and has never shied away from ideas. In fact, ideas-to-live-and-die-by are what emerge from these poems again and again. Whether leaning toward the magical realist or the plain-spoken Appalachian voice, each poem leads to surprising and haunting discoveries."
—A.E. Stringer

"Ron Houchin's poems do one of the most important things I always thought the "modern" lyric could do-- I just never expected to see so much of it in one place... they're real acts of magic, & I say 'real' because they actually hang in the air when you've finished reading them."
—Dow Mossman

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