Today's poem is "My Personal Theory of Evolution"

from Cimarron Review

Richard Cecil's fourth collection of poems, Twenty First Century Blues, was published by Southern Illinois University Press in 2004. He teaches at Indiana University, and in the Spalding Brief Residency MFA Program.

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February 25, 2003:  "Fame and Fortune Cookie" "'You've got talent but you lack ambition'..."

About Cimarron Review:
Poets in this issue: Richard Cecil, Joyce James, Jen Karetnick, Doretta Wildes, Benjamin Scott Grossberg, Tara Bray, Bob Vance, Michael Lind, John Bargowski, Ron Spurga, Robert Parham, Tara Gorvine, Melanie Dusseau, Cyril Wong, Patricia Chao, Adam Clay, Susan Rich, James Crizer

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Cimarron Review * 205 Morrill Hall * English Department * Oklahoma State University * Stillwater, OK 74078
Poetry Editors: Lisa Lewis * Ai * Alfred Corn

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March 18, 2004:  "Displacement" by Constantine Contogenis
March 16, 2004:  "He became a poet because he could not fly" by Adam Penna
July 21, 2003:  "Written By Pavlovís Few, Sad, Last Surviving Dogs" by Susanna Roxman

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