Today's poem is "Heavenly"

from Five Points

Mary Oliver's latest books are Why I wake Early (Beacon Press, 2004) and Blue Iris (2004).

Other poems by Mary Oliver in Verse Daily:
May 2, 2005:  "Heavenly" ""So much laughter is not heard...."

Other poems by Five Points in Verse Daily:
May 2, 2005:  "Heavenly" Mary Oliver
October 23, 2004:  "Unsound Ship" by Medbh McGuckian
September 19, 2003:  "No Shelter" by Ann Townsend

About Five Points:
Poets in this issue: Mary Oliver, Frederick Busch, James Rioux, Sarah Gorham, Robert W. Hill, Eamon Grennan, Susan Wood, Cecily Parks

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