Today's poem is "Life on the Prairie, Continued"
from Any Holy City

Silverfish Review Press

Mark Conway is the recipient of awards from the Aldrich Poetry Competition, the Grolier Competition, and the McKnight Foundation. His work has appeared in Agni, Bomb, The Gettysburg Review, The Paris Review, Ploughshares, and Prairie Schooner.

About Any Holy City:

"Confident, compassionate, ever mindful of how easily how willingly we can "lose track/of what we sacrifice," Mark Conway's Any Holy City charts the uneasy beauty of our broken, breakable conditions as human beings. The poems give stirring testimony to how despite our resistance to a mortality that each tomorrow seems to stand for we are fallen and falling: "and falling/is the prayer," a prayer at once both sacred and profane; and, in Conway's hands, a lovely reckoning with the losses we take away inside us."
—Carl Phillips

"These poems are muscular, lyrical and metaphysical, and they emanate from that holy city we live in and long for. Some of the gods might be dead, some might be in disguise—Mark Conway is looking for them. And he gazes into the heart of addiction, into Abraham's right hand, into the folds of consciousness itself where Time turns back and starts again. You want to believe in the Holiness of the Imagination? Read this book."
—Marie Howe

"Mark Conway's poems navigate with nerve through deep waters: nothing less than matters of good and evil, sacrific and redemption. The poems have a distintive, winning style: laconic but passionate, attentive to the profane as well as the Biblical, always completely serious and never merely solemn."
—Robert Pinsky

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