Today's poem is "A Sentimental Education"

from Northwest Review

Lynne Knight's collections of poems include Dissolving Borders (Quarterly Review Press, 1996) and The Book of Common Betrayals (Bear Star Press, 2002).

Other poems by Lynne Knight in Verse Daily:
May 24, 2004:  "First Year of My Mother's Dementia" by Lynne Knight
April 16, 2004:  "To a Friend Unable to Write" by Lynne Knight
August 2, 2003:  "Body in Late Meditation" by Lynne Knight
June 13, 2003:  "Driving Through the Valley" by Lynne Knight
December 10, 2002:  For a Friend Whose Love Has Left by Lynne Knight
November 25, 2002:  Letter After the Diagnosis by Lynne Knight

Other poems from Northwest Review in Verse Daily:
February 5, 2005:  "Panoply" by Kristin Kelly
February 1, 2005:  "Logging Road" by Gigi Marks
June 15, 2004:  "From it and was anew at that time" by Genevieve Kaplan
February 5, 2004:  "Two Sonnets" by John de Stefano
February 3, 2004:  "Tort" by Susanne Kort
October 22, 2003:  "Light of Seville, The Great Palatial House" by Antonio Machado, translated by Willis Barnstone
October 20, 2003:  "Gray" by R. D. King
June 18, 2003:  "Feeding" by Kristen Tracy
June 16, 2003:  "The Son of a Carpenter" by David Wagoner
March 2, 2003:  "Lapis" by Martha Zweig
February 28, 2003:  "Immaculate" by Tina Kelley
February 27, 2003:  "Gavotte" by Susanne Kort
August 14, 2002:  "Last Breath at Dawn" by Katie Ford

About Northwest Review:
Poets in this issue: Gigi Marks, Susanne Kort, Simon Perchik, Alpay Ulku, Lynne Knight, Nance Van Winckel, Ashley McWaters, Kristin Kelly, Tao Yuan-ming, Li JiGuang, Giovanni Pascoli, Susan Thomas

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