Today's poem is "Letter To An Old Lover"

from Carquinez Poetry Review

Lynne Knight's collections of poems include Dissolving Borders (Quarterly Review Press, 1996) and The Book of Common Betrayals (Bear Star Press, 2002).

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May 24, 2004:  "First Year of My Mother's Dementia"
April 16, 2004:  "To a Friend Unable to Write"
August 2, 2003:  "Body in Late Meditation"
June 13, 2003:  "Driving Through the Valley"
December 10, 2002:  For a Friend Whose Love Has Left
November 25, 2002:  Letter After the Diagnosis

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February 15, 2004:  "A Sonnet — Against Regret" by Zack Rogow

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